Sunny California

striped off the shoulder dress front

I am sooo ready for fall but with living in California, it means that it’s almost always sunny, no matter what season it is. Since it isn’t fall quite yet, I’ve been squeezing in as many summer outfits as possible. The off the shoulder look is huge and we’ve seen it everywhere. What I like about it is, depending on your preference, most off the shoulder outfits can actually be worn as high or as low on the shoulder as you want. I think this style is not going anywhere soon and I love seeing the different silhouettes available.


striped off the shoulder dress bridgestriped off the shoulder dressstriped off the shoulder dress sidestriped off the shoulder dress topstriped off the shoulder dress leanstriped off the shoulder dress closestriped off the shoulder dress bottomShop the look:

nasty gal striped blue off the shoulder dress love culture gray choker nordstrom tan crossbody bag zara silver slides

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