Mixing Neutrals

zara long sleeve uo skirt full

I’ve been crazy busy lately and I haven’t had much time to post. I’ve been working on homework and college applications and that’s been taking most of my time, but I miss posting and shooting looks, so I thought I would squeeze one in this week.

I recently got this skirt from (none other than) Urban Outfitters and thought it was fun. I love the pattern and how it has colors you wouldn’t typically expect but look great together. It’s made of this amazing velvet fabric and to keep the focus on the skirt I decided to pair it with simple neutrals. I literally wear this shirt at least once a week because of how well it goes with everything and although I can’t last an entire day in these shoes I thought the dark gray complemented the colors in the skirt.


zara long sleeve uo skirt leaningzara long sleeve uo skirt topzara long sleeve uo skirt bottomuo skirt frontuo skirt sideShop the look:

zara sand long sleeve urban outfitters floral velvet skirt ray ban 50mm round sunglasses

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